NebuCart Privacy Policy

As part of our service to you, we must collect certain information to fulfil our obligations.

We ask for the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address

How do you use my information?

  • We use your name and email address to send you the required software products we offer on our site and your name is used to personalise our emails and site.

What other information do you collect and why?

  • Only when you make an order for any of our products, do we obtain and track your IP address, this is in an effort to stop illegal downloads, we can also use this address to identify which pages you have looked at both on this and our forum sites.

Do you use cookies to personally identify me?

  • No! We do use cookies to store the details you enter on our customer data pages and we do store the order data in cookies, but this information is used by our site, not by us, this is to personalise the pages for you. As explained above, we only extract your name and email address for sending you the software.

How do you store my data?

  • Your "data" as such, is your name, email and IP addresses. We receive an email with these details only after you've placed an order and these emails are kept in our Mail Client Inbox for proving you have downloaded our software. Nobody has access to this Mail Box except me, it's in my home office.

Is there anything else you're not telling me?

  • Our site uses tracking software to measure page hits and other statistics related solely to our site like referrer and unique visitors. It records your IP address and allows us to see which pages have been viewed, which search engines were used to visit our site and how many people have looked at certain pages. It does not personally identify anyone although your IP address can be tracked down to your ISP.


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