NebuCart Mods
What's a site without some free downloads? To extend thefunctionality or customize the look and feel of NebuCart, we offer you these small "widgets"...

Compact Cart View
This is a slightly customized version of NC_cartview.js. Instead of making the product description an individual column in your cart view, it italicizes it and puts it under the Product ID. A real space saver!

Install instructions:
Unzip into your NebuCart directory. Wherever you see the script sourcing NC_viewcart.js in the HTML files, replace it with "NC_viewcart_compact.js". Make sure you use the proper path!

Download (3K)

Mini Cart Views
These add-ons are useful when you'd like to show your customers their running total and item count without having to go to the cart page. Mini Viewcart simply writes the static values to the page, while Mini Viewcart Plus writes them to small text boxes and refreshes them every second. Mini Viewcart Plus is useful when you supress the cart view page altogether, but want a continually updated view of running total and item count.

Install instructions:
Unzip into your NebuCart directory. Use this code to source the scripts:
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js/NC_mini_viewcart.js">
... or...
<script language=javascript src="path/to/js/NC_mini_viewcart_plus.js">

Make sure that these scripts are sourced outside any other form tags, or they won't work!

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Billing/Shipping Side-by-Side
This little gem allows you to display the billing and shipping information form side by side as opposed to vertically. Not only does it enhance the appearance of the cart, but it saves on scrolling too.

Install Instructions:
  1. Unzip and place the NC_getshipping_side_by_side.js file in the JS directory of your cart installation.
  2. In you favorite text editor, open the JS file and edit the settings for the form.
  3. Instead of sourcing the NC_getshipping.js in your cart pages, source the NC_getshipping_side_by_side.js file.
  Download (1K)
Image Pack
Image Pack is a great way to blend NebuCart with your site even more. With Image Pack, all the ugly form buttons vanish and are replaced by graphical buttons that match your site! Image Pack comes with the image sourcing script, as well as rewritten NebuCart scripts NC_buildcredit, NC_finalbuttons, NC_orderoptions, NC_viewcart, and NC_viewcart_compact. It's also packaged with a default set of buttons and the PSD (PhotoShop) file for those buttons.

Install instructions:
  1. Unzip into your NebuCart directory. Edit the file NC_image_pack.js with your path/secure path settings.
  2. Place this code in the <head> of your dcument under all the other NebuCart scripts. This ensures that you'll have your images sourced at all times:
    <script language=javascript src="path/to/js/NC_image_pack.js">
  3. Wherever you see the scripts NC_buildcredit, NC_finalbuttons, NC_orderoptions, NC_viewcart, or NC_viewcart_compact, add "_img" right before the ".js" extension to enable Image Pack. Be sure to use the correct path!
Customizing Buttons :
You can create different buttons that match your site very easily with any graphics program. The only requirement is that the names of the buttons must match the names listed in the base NC_image_pack file.

Download (50K)

Printable Order form with Silent Form Post
This mod was requested by users in the forums. The object of the mod is to present the customer with a printable order form while silently posting the order to the server. This is accomplished by very minor modifications to your NS_settings.js file.

Install Instructions:
  1. unzip and place the files print_frame.html and formorder_silent.html in the directory of your cart installation.
  2. In the NC_settings.js file, set the variable COprint = "print_rfame.html"
  3. Make sure tha the variable "unsecurePostAction" is set to the URL of your form handling script.

That's it! Now when the customer chooses "Print Order", they will be directed to the frameset which will include the printable page as well as a hidden frame that will post to the order to the form handling script when the page loads.

Note: you may wish to configure your form handling script to display a blank result page or no page at all so that the customer will not be bothered by the results.