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Thank you for your interest in NebuCart. Please fill in as many details as possible, especially the comments section - we value any feedback you might have! If you use our Free Shopping Cart on your site, please send us a link so we can add it to our users' gallery.

We would also appreciate a link back to our site in return for the usage. Please read the Download Agreement for full details.

Note: This FREE version is similar to the online demo it does not contain the pre-coded modules necessary for credit card processing with the gateways listed nor the secure ordering capabilities or back-end capture scripts. Barring these, it is completely unhindered and operational and allows you to post to any form handling script including our FREE one which will then forward your customer to a specific page that you set. NebuCart comes with FREE tech-support, so email with any questions you may have, or post on the support forums.

A fully capable version of the cart is available for just €50.00 Euros for a single storefront license. The full version includes "special" tech support for getting you up and running, a catalog builder, secure ordering capabilities, pre-coded Gateway scripts for easy "drag & drop" integration and the CGI (Unix/Linux) & ASP (Windows) back-end scripts for capturing and processing your orders.

Privacy Statement: We never have and never will give, sell, or otherwise divulge any of the information you disclose. We provide this software by email in an effort to stop piracy and to guage where and how NebuCart is being used so it can be improved with future enhancements and upgrades. Your information and comments help us understand our clients' needs! Feel free to view our Privacy Policy

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