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NebuCart Demo Installation Guide
This is the spot to be for learning how to install and configure your NebuCart Demo.
Should you have any additional questions, use our contact form or check the forum for information.

We are in the process of rewriting all the documentation after the cart rewrite, so please bear with us. In order to see how the cart is implemented, please see the source code for the HTML files that are included.

Tip: In order to configure the cart, the only file you'll need to edit is NC_settings.js with any text editor.

In order to test the cart with a form handling CGI script, change the variables "unsecurePostAction" and "unsecureGatewayAction" in NC_settings.js to point to the CGI script on your web account. You may also need to edit the variable "extraFormTags" to add the proper tags required by your script.

Install Guide Download
We now have the documentation available for download in Adobe Acrobat format:

NebuCart Install Guide (Adobe Acrobat 4)
Note: This is the install documentation for the NebuCart Demo, so it contains no information about secure ordering setup and execution. The install docs for the full version are included with the full version.